Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Urequited Love!

10 September 1747
Mr Philip Lander was married to miss Watson poor Gibson's Sweetheart and he was Greatly in the Dumps abt. it

I checked and IGI records that Mr Philip Launder married Miss Ursula Watson on the 10th September 1747 at St Peter's Nottingham but we knew the date was right because why would Thomas get it wrong? However, I am still slightly astonished when I find external confirmation of what Thomas tells us. Perhaps I don't really believe in the past?

IGI is the Family History Search resource of the Church of Latter Day saints.

Mr Launder was a native of Nottingham, having been christened in the same church on 23 November 1711. His parents were Philip and Mary. The parish register entry for his marriage at St Peter's tells us that he was a woollen draper. It seems that his father lived into his 80s as is recorded in a book published in 1751. Philip had a sister, Margaret, older than him, who was also baptised & married at St Peter's.

I think it is amazing that I can find so much about a man born in the eighteenth century from just his marriage date! Perhaps I should have concentrated on Gibson but, assuming that this is Richard Gibson, I need something more to pin him down.

I really would not have expected the expression "in the Dumps" to be so old, would you?

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