Thursday, 9 April 2009

18th November Went to Rotherham in Yorkshire to Sell Mr Wm. Cryers goods up by Virtue of a Bill of Sail that the Said Wm Cryer gave Mr Gibson and stayed their till the 30 November and paid Mr Gibson in money & Bills for what Goods I sold the time I stayed but Mr Gibson gave me no receipt for the said moneys & Bills
Thos Tye (once again Thomas feels he needs to sign this entry).
Went to See Lord Moltons House and Gardens with Mr Cryer and cost me nothing as he was requested their
Cost me out of my own Pockett while I was their 4/6

It took a bit of detecting to find which house Thomas visited but eventually I found that it was Lord Malton's place, Wentworth Woodhouse. Lord Malton wasn't Lord Malton for long. Thomas Watson-Wentworth was created Baron Malton in 1734 and by the time Thomas visited he was already the Marquis of Rockingham. The house was pretty new when Thomas visited and parts of what is there today were not yet built. You and I, unless personal friends of the owner, are not able to follow in his footsteps as it is privately owned. The picture below shows part of the house which was completed when Thomas was there.

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