Sunday, 27 December 2009

The Lottery 18th Century Style

In spite of having lost money on previous lottery tickets, Thomas has not quite given up hope

7 February 1759 Bout a Tickett of Mr Geo Ayscough before the lottery begun Drawing No 3m726 I gave for it £12:3:0 it come up Blank and I sold the Blank for £5:5:0 so I am out of Pockitt £6.18s

Why would anyone buy the blank? Can anyone enlighten me?

Friday, 18 December 2009

From the margins of the account book

Now and then there are little comments in the margin. Some are about friends, others about national events. This is one of the latter

12 Jan 1759 Fryday the princes of oringe dyed & ye people went into mourning 28th Jan.

Thomas's spelling continues eclectic,though the "ye" has a thorn not a y and should be pronounced "the". The " Princes of Orange" was Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange, the eldest daughter of George II and wife of the Prince of Orange (it is through her that William & Mary ruled Britain). More about her here. Below is her portrait.

Thomas is not feeling well

Thomas is back in Nottingham by September 1758 and there are a few entries in his account book which tell us that he was not feeling well

28th Sept 1758 - Bleeding 12d. 3 Doses Physick Mr. Dale 2/-

19th October a Bottle of Daffees Elixer 15d
Marshmallow Rootes for Gravell 3d

Daffy's has been mentioned in this blog before. Marshmallow Root tea was supposed to help the passing of kidney stones which Thomas so graphically refers to as "Gravell".