Wednesday, 29 April 2009

16th August 1752
Went to Colwick Wakes with Mrs Cox, Miss Tutin, Miss Blocksidge & Miss Newton 2/-

It really does say "Wakes" not "Lakes". It is true that there are lakes at Colwick but they are former gravel pits and would not have been there in 1752. Wakes were often celebrations of the anniversary of the founding of a church. Their latest survival was the Wakes Weeks of Lancashire towns. These have just become holiday weeks.

3rd September is the 14th the Style being altered this day by Act of Parliament.

Parliament had acted to bring Britain into line with the rest of Europe by moving from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar. This caused riots, mostly remembered for the slogan "Give us back our Eleven Days!" Thomas does not seem to have misunderstood Parliament's intentions in this way. Read more about this in wikipedia.

Monday, 27 April 2009

15th April 1752
His Hon. Rothwell Willoughby Dyed - Wednesday

Oh, don't unusual names make research easier? Rothwell Willoughby was an interesting person. The house he built in Nottingham is still called Willoughby House and is a store owned by the designer, Paul Smith who hails from Nottingham.

22nd April
Went to Mr Cripps of Ilkinston and this Day stud Godfather to his Daugher with Miss Jane Eccles of Tidsey in Darbyshire & Miss Cripps it being the first time I stud in my life.

A parish register entry for Ilkeston (click here if you are interested in buying the transcripts) tells me that the baby girl was Elizabeth and Mr & Mrs Cripps were Francis and Frances.

I haven't yet managed to find out where Thomas means by "Tidsey".

Saturday, 25 April 2009

10 Nov 1751
Ann Newton married Mr Hesketh Lord Wards Steward Summerhill Staffordshire

Family tells me that Ann married John Hesketh at St Peter's Nottingham. She was born around 1730 but I'm not at all sure where or who her parents were. I assume she is related to Elizabeth but I don't think they are sisters.

Lord Ward owned extensive estates around Kingswinford in Staffordshire.

23 December
My Bror. John Tye Dyed about 12 oClock on Monday night and maid his will about half an Hour before he dyed and had been Ill from October when he returned from London where he had been to Sell the Freehold Estate at Merton In Surry abt 9 miles from London to Mrs Mariam Payne of Merton for 620 pounds the Estate was lLett for 50 pounds a year was told he had not a Right to Sell it without I joined with him

30 December
Paid John Addsett Tayler in West Retford for makeing a mourning Coat & Breeches a WaistCoat I had when I went to Retford - 9/-

Friday, 24 April 2009

17 June 1751
Went to Pinkston in Derbyshire to our Tenants and stayed to 27 June to give them order to Build a new necessary House & Pigg Stye with Brick they had done abt. half when I left him spent the time I was their 6/8 Gave Daughter 2/6

So they needed a new brick privy! I have found another example of this use of the word in the 18th Century. It is in the memoirs of a soldier, Corporal William Todd and you can find more details of the book here.

The Church in Pinxton (Pinxton is in Nottinghamshire now!) was rebuilt in 1790 but here is a picture dated 1733 - so this is how it looked when Thomas was there.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

18 January 1750/1
Paid Mr Cripps for 2 pound Shag Tobacco 2/3

Thomas can't be very addicted as this is his first purchase since May last year.

25 February
Went to Bobers Mill with Mr Tutin spent 4d

Bobbers Mill is now an area of Nottingham. The area is named after the mill on the River Leen which is first referred to in 1438. I can only find one picture of it and that dates from 1906.

4th March
Miss Bett. Newton Bout for me at Mr Philip Sterleys 9 yds of fine Irish 2/1 - 18s 9d
6 March
She Bout me at Mr Southwells 1 yds 5/8 of fine Cambrick - 13s
I gave her money to buy them

This entry is the first mention of Elizabeth, who Thomas marries later (we'll get there in time!).

21st March the Prince of Wales Died

Frederick, who had a hostile relationship with his parents, died, to their ill-concealed relief!

Friday, 17 April 2009

28th September 1750
Went to See the Grand Turk Dance on the Wire and Rope 2/-

Well, Sultan Mehmet II was not visiting Nottingham in the 18th Century and the ship used in the Hornblower TV series can't dance. That said, I think this was probably a circus-type act, possibly an exotic foreigner but just as likely someone using the character to make his act more exciting.

7th November Lord Santery married Elizabeth Shore

Henry, the 4th(and last) Lord of Santry murdered a footman in 1738, was tried by his peers and found guilty. He was later reprieved from the death sentence and given a full pardon by the king, but his estates and possessions were forfeited. His marriage to Elizabeth Shore was shortlived as he died on 18th March 1750/1.
I don't know why Thomas mentions this.

3rd December
Left that Scoundrill Richard Gibson who gave me nothing for liveing with him and I did all his Buisness & pack't up all his paresells & keept His Books from 29 of May 1744 To the 3 of December 1750 when I went he did not as much as thank me tho the agreement was he would please me for the time I would stay with him he never gave me to the value of 30 shill all the time I was with him

Oh dear! Thomas is annoyed, isn't he?

Went to Mr Tutin's the Same day & went to Mr Cripps at Ilkiston the 18 December and stay'd their till the 3 Jan gave his maid & boy 4/- Spent their & at Mr Tutin's before I went 12/8

And, in the margin:

6 December Jane Newton was married to Mr William Tayler.

Jane's parents are not the same as Elizabeth who Thomas marries.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thomas embarks on a Slippery Slope et al.

26th April 1750
Rupert Brown's Wedding Comes out.

Did Mr Brown keep it a secret?

28th May 1750
Bout. a pound Shagg Tobacco 13d

This is the first time that Thomas records buying the evil weed!

12th June Bout. a Tea Canister Mr Pearson 9d
¼ fine Hison Tea Mr Butcher 4/-

Isn't Tea expensive? Hison or Hyson Tea is a Green Tea which definitely commands a premium even today.

10 September
My Brother was very Unhappy in some affair at Retford but don't know the truth.

(I will have a hunt through the box of family papers marked "Tye" and report back if I find anything)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

29th October 1749 Bout of Mr Robt. Graham Hamilton that Comes out of Scotland Twice a year 8 yds of Scotch Plod 2/- a yard 16s 25yds fine Scotch Holland at 3/10 a yd £4.15s10d

Isn't "Plod" wonderful? Do you think it represents Thomas's hearing of the Scot's accent? I can't see what he did with the Tartan, or the "Holland" for that matter.

12 Novr. Paid Miss Bett Newton for a pair of Leather Baggs which her Bror. Willm got made for me at Grantham & paid her for them at the time I took them away.
26 Paid Mr Saml Newton for making a lock without a Key for the Baggs and opens with Letters Tye Tho. 4/6

What an interesting thought! Do you think it had all 26 letters on it? Then Thomas returns to the general round of dining with friends. The only mention Christmas gets is the Xmas Boxes to tradesmen's boys. I should point out that he is dining more and more often at Mr Newton's house. The reason I have remarked on this will become obvious in due course. Then in March 1750 this entry.
P.S. I've found a picture of a nineteenth century combination padlock. Perhaps Thomas's looked a bit like this?

11 Went to see the Female Rhinocerous an Real Unicorn & a Live Crocodile gave 6d

And you thought the Unicorns didn't make it onto Noah's Ark!
Here is an illustration from 1712 of Unicorns.

Their horn was believed to have medicinal value. It seems likely that the twisted horn used to turn a horse into a unicorn came from a Narwhal

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Family Matters

I feel that I should precis the family comings and goings which I have left out of the last few posts. It doesn't seem worth typing where Thomas went for supper and how much he tipped the maid but you should know that his brother, John, has been on a trip to "France", visiting Ypres, Ghent, Bruges (which Thomas calls "Bridges") Dunkirk & Calais. Also Thomas has had supper with his newly married sister & her husband so, presumably, he has forgiven them for not inviting him to the wedding. Dorothy & her husband, Joseph, live in Retford where he is the local surgeon.

Thomas has also been rent collecting again, once more saving money by borrowing John Tye's horse.

However here is a fresh departure for Thomas:-

16 October 1749
Went to Bollam to Fish & spt. their 14d

This is Bolham, not far from Retford. It is obvious today from Google maps that Bolham Lane runs alongside the River Idle even today.

29 October
Sent three pair of Green Silk Muffetees for a present. Paid Mr Colton in Turn Calf Ally for them for my sisters. 10s 6d

Muffetees are wrist warmers or fingerless gloves. I rather think that in silk they were not exactly functional!

Turn Calf Alley was in Nottingham (I've had help to establish this) - It is no longer there but was close to the bridge across the Leen (London Road)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Another Trip out

Thomas really likes visiting stately homes!

14th October 1749
Went to Mr Edward Willsons of Worksope & went to See the Duke of Norfolks House and Dined at Mr Willsons & Cost me 3/6

This visit was to Worksop Manor which had come into the possession of the Duke of Norfolk by marriage. It was a 16th century house and you & I cannot see any more of it than survives in this (and other) pictures. It was burned down in 1761 and the house which occupies the site now is a Victorian building.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

25 Aprill 1749
Paid Miss Dolley Newton for makeing 2 new Ruffled Shirts 5/-
and new Ruffling 3 old Shirts and new neck Bands and Rist Bands 3/6

Now that really is "Make do and mend"!

White Sunday Sister Dolley Tye was married to Mr Joseph Bright Surgeon at East Retford. They neither gave me an Invitation to the weding nor sent me Gloves

Thomas wrote about this near to the front of the book(out of date order). He was clearly very annoyed. Gloves were a traditional gift for wedding guests right into the nineteenth century.

28 May
I went with Mr Tutin & his Son Mr Rupert Brown to see our Tenant at Pinkston and from thence to See Lord Byerons House and Gardens and Cost me 4/9

That was Newstead Abbey. The Lord Byron in question was the Great-uncle of the poet. I rather think that Thomas didn't make himself clear about the party which went to there. I think it should read, "Mr Tutin, his son and Mr Rupert Brown" but I could be wrong and can't ask Thomas for confirmation one way or the other.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

18th November Went to Rotherham in Yorkshire to Sell Mr Wm. Cryers goods up by Virtue of a Bill of Sail that the Said Wm Cryer gave Mr Gibson and stayed their till the 30 November and paid Mr Gibson in money & Bills for what Goods I sold the time I stayed but Mr Gibson gave me no receipt for the said moneys & Bills
Thos Tye (once again Thomas feels he needs to sign this entry).
Went to See Lord Moltons House and Gardens with Mr Cryer and cost me nothing as he was requested their
Cost me out of my own Pockett while I was their 4/6

It took a bit of detecting to find which house Thomas visited but eventually I found that it was Lord Malton's place, Wentworth Woodhouse. Lord Malton wasn't Lord Malton for long. Thomas Watson-Wentworth was created Baron Malton in 1734 and by the time Thomas visited he was already the Marquis of Rockingham. The house was pretty new when Thomas visited and parts of what is there today were not yet built. You and I, unless personal friends of the owner, are not able to follow in his footsteps as it is privately owned. The picture below shows part of the house which was completed when Thomas was there.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

A Death in the Family

11th October 1748
had a Letter from Brother to Informe me that my Uncle Willam Tye Dyed Tuesday 4 October 1748 I pray god Rest his Soul.

12 October
Bout of Mr John Hunt & paid for them
1½ Supr Black Cloth 18/9 - £1.7s
4 yds Black Shalloon 2/- - 8s
Fustion & 2 Skin to Line Breeches 2/4 - 3s
Buttons for Coat and Waist Coat & Breeches 2/9
Silk Twist and other Trimings 3/3
14 October
Paid Geo: Peat Tayler for makeing Black Cloth waist Coat Breeches and altering my Blue Coat in Lyning it with Black and puting Bla. Buttons on it & Binding the holes with Black 8/6

In addition to this expense for appropriate mourning clothes, Thomas also pays £1.5s towards his uncle's funeral expenses.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

16th May 1748
Bout. of John Hunt for a Blue Superfine Broad Cloth for a Frock and 2 Blue & white Ginghams for 2 Waistcoats & Shalloon and all other Trimings to them & gave me a Receipt for them £2.18s9d

4th June
Paid Geo. Peat for Makeing a Blue Frock and 2 Gingham Waistcoats 10s6d

Thomas was, of course, buying a Frock Coat not a dress!

Monday, 6 April 2009

A Wardrobe Makeover.

8th February 1747/8
Bout of Mr Gibson as under & paid him for them

18 yds fine yd wide Irish Cloth at 2/2 yd £1.19s
11 yds Strong 7/8 width Colerain Linin at 16d 14s 8d
4½ yds Ell wide Musling 3/9 16s10d
2 ½ yds Diaper for Capps 15d 3s 1d
2 ¼ yds fine Camberick for Ruffles 8/- £1. 18s
Thread & Buttons & Tape 1s 6d

5th March
Paid Mrs Ann Hammons & Miss Bull for making the things as under as by their Receipts
5 Ruffled Shirts at 2/6 a piece 12s6d
3 Plain Night Shirts at 18d a piece 4s6d
9 Neck Cloths making 1s6d
6 night Capps making 1s

It is a while since I did sums in £sd, but that seems to be a total of £6 11s 7d on Thomas's wardrobe makeover!
Reading this blog, you may conclude that Thomas seldom bought clothes but I have left most of those events out as it would be rather dull to include them all.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Christmas Presents

17th December 1747
Sent Bror John Tye a Rand of Sturgeon Pott and Carriage as a present 7s 4d
17 Sent Mr Edward Willson Attorney at Worksope a Rand of Sturgeon as a present pott & Carriage 8s 8d

The difference in price doesn't square with John Tye being in Retford, which is almost the same distance from Nottingham as Worksop is. Also, I have no idea what a Rand is. Have you?

25th December
gave Barbers Taylers & Shooemakers Boy Xmas Box 1s6d

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Urequited Love!

10 September 1747
Mr Philip Lander was married to miss Watson poor Gibson's Sweetheart and he was Greatly in the Dumps abt. it

I checked and IGI records that Mr Philip Launder married Miss Ursula Watson on the 10th September 1747 at St Peter's Nottingham but we knew the date was right because why would Thomas get it wrong? However, I am still slightly astonished when I find external confirmation of what Thomas tells us. Perhaps I don't really believe in the past?

IGI is the Family History Search resource of the Church of Latter Day saints.

Mr Launder was a native of Nottingham, having been christened in the same church on 23 November 1711. His parents were Philip and Mary. The parish register entry for his marriage at St Peter's tells us that he was a woollen draper. It seems that his father lived into his 80s as is recorded in a book published in 1751. Philip had a sister, Margaret, older than him, who was also baptised & married at St Peter's.

I think it is amazing that I can find so much about a man born in the eighteenth century from just his marriage date! Perhaps I should have concentrated on Gibson but, assuming that this is Richard Gibson, I need something more to pin him down.

I really would not have expected the expression "in the Dumps" to be so old, would you?
6th April 1747
Went with Mr Rupert Brown to Southwell to see the Minster. went to Oxon & Lay at Mr Bulls all Night & walked home the Next Day 2/6

Southwell Minster would have looked pretty much like it does now, Rhenish caps and all. They were replaced in the 1880s and may be a little steeper than they were before that but the general design is medieval.

"Oxon" had me fooled until tried Google maps. When I entered "Oxon, Notts", clever old Google asked me , "do you mean Oxton?" which of course, Thomas must have done. This took 5 miles off the return journey saved Thomas the cost of an Inn overnight.

& went with Mr Tutin to see the Electrical Machine and ws Electrified and gave 12d

Yet another enigmatic post from Thomas! It wasn't a Van de Graaf generator (which, of course, needs no electrical power - can be run by winding the handle) as that was not invented. Benjamin Franklin was researching around this time but most of what we take for granted about electricity had not yet been discovered.

22 May
Went with Brother John Tye to Colwick and Mrs Chappell showed us the House and gardens and gave the maid 12d

It's Kedleston all over again! I can't show you Colwick Hall as Thomas saw it as it was rebuilt in 1776 and there don't seem to be any pictures of the old house.