Friday, 27 May 2011

23 February 1763

Went to Covent Garden to See and Oritorio of Alexanders Feast With the Coronation Anthem Violin Mr Hays organ Mr Stanley the King and Queen & all the Royal Family was their and Cost me 5/-

Alexander's Feast
is by Handel, of course. This data base shows that there was another performance on the 25th with the same performers. It also tell us that Thomas sat in the first gallery, presumably what would be called the Dress Circle today.

And here is a link to tell you about the Coronation Anthem including a chance to hear the music!
There is a picture of Covent Garden Theatre at the right sort of date here.

The Monarch remains George III, pictures of him & Queen Charlotte here.

Monday, 23 May 2011

9 November 1762

Lord Mayor Show & went to see all the Companeys Barges & Lord Mayor & the State Coach.
Spt 6d Oysters & aples & pares 3

The Lord Mayor in 1762 was William Beckford. Thomas has mentioned him before, when he was elected to Parliament. Here is his portrait when he was Lord Mayor.

There is a statue of William Beckford in the Guildhall, London
The State Coach is in the Museum of London.

On a more personal level, Thomas is still shopping. He returned to the Triton for more porcelain and bought a Japan Tea chest (14/-) and his landlord, Mr Dale, has sold his business to Benjamin Wigglesworth, but I haven't found anything about either gentleman.