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22nd July 1761

Tuesday the King and Queen was Crowned at Westminster Abbey. I mobbd it and got near the Abby door and see all the procession The King Had a Canopy of Gold Tishew yellow Ground supported over his Head by Six Gentlemen they Call Barrons of the Sink Ports with Silver Staves & the Queens was the same the Ladys was Drest on there heds with Dimonds & Looked very Grand
The Lords & Ladys Carried there Coronetts in there hands when they went & had them on when came Back Knights of the Bath had Crimson Robes wth white Hatts and very Larg white orstridge feathers in there the King and Queen went the last and came back again the Last it was 10 minutes 6 OClock when they came back and they all got into the abbey half an Hour past one oClock it was Quiet when they got to Westminster Hall so that many thousands that Had taken plases in pallis yard Could not see them wn Returnd a Genlm Threw the meddell amongst the Gentm & Ladys that Satt in the Booths & Balconeys as they went a Long quite from the Abbey Door to Westminster Hall & I see the Conduit run with wine.
I spent in Eating & drinking Day 2/6

George III in Coronation Robes painted by Allan Ramsay

Queen Charlotte in her Coronation robes, also by Allan Ramsay.

The Barons of the Cinque Ports were not Peers of the Realm but a special group of Freemen of those ports who had the right to carry the King's canopy at his coronation.

The Order of the Bath had been founded in 1725 by George I. Here you will find more about them and a picture of Prince Albert wearing the robe and carrying the hat. It hasn't changed much and is still worn by modern knights of the Bath.

The "Meddells" were silver versions of this, thrown by the Treasurer of the Royal Household among the Peers & Peeresses.

I have found another eye-witness account of this coronation on-line, here.

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