Sunday, 28 November 2010

24th October 1761

Bought of Robert Dartnell Stationer St Martins Court
2 Quire post paper 2/3
2 Quire foolscap 20d
2 Quire Gilt paper 18d
2 Sticks Wax 10
Book for Acct. 2/3
Almanack 6d

16th October
2 Bottles British Oyle 2/-

British Oil seems to have been mineral oil and taken as a medicine - I can't think that it did anything but make people feel iller!

1st January 1762
Went with Mr Hall aboard an India man lying at Blackwall
Bout. 2 silk Handkerchiefs on board

4th Jan Warr proclaimed against Spain

This is very complicated - the 7 Years War had been going on for ages by this time