Monday, 15 June 2009

4th November 1755
Went to Carlton Feast Spt 9d.

14th November
Christopher Cox Dyed 1755

For the first time Thomas mentions a death and I can't establish who he was. Thomas really is rather dull at this stage of his life.. Sorry!

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

31 July 1755
Sent this Day as a present to Sister Bright a pound of Churchmans Chocolate 5/-
4yds printed Linen for her little Daughter 10/-

Here is an undated advert for Churchman's chocolate - it is a variety of drinking chocolate - a great delicacy in the eighteenth century. Many of the so-called coffee pots which survive from this time were actually for chocolate.

This piece does not have a date on it, but Walter Churchman made chocolate starting in about 1728. This business was carried on by Joseph Fry and there is more about him and the history of chocolate in England here. By 1776, a pound of Churchman's chocolate cost 7/6

Dorothy's daughter was also called Dorothy. She was about 3 years old when her uncle sent this fabric as a present. It is through her that Thomas's book has come to me.

Monday, 8 June 2009

For nearly four pages, Thomas records the money he spends in pursuit of a court case against his sisters, Mary & Ann, spending a huge sum of money on lawyers and court fees. At the moment it doesn't make much sense to me but I will, sometime, acquire a copy of his brother John's will which is the cause of it all.

12 April 1755
a pair Dog Skin Pumps Barnett 6/6


17 June
Paid Mr John Bright Attorney at Retford for Drawing Abstracts of the Writings that belongs to me & three Sisters Estate at Pinkston alias Pinxton in Derbyshire and his attendence at Sisters Tyes for a bout two Hours £5

27 June
Paid Sisters for 5 Weeks Board £1.10s

At the same time that Thomas is fighting with his sisters for control of various properties, he is staying with them. How odd is that?
John Bright is Thomas's sister Dorothy's brother-in-law.

28 June
Left Retford and Walked from their to Nottingham and Spent at Red Hill in Eating & Drinking 2/-

It is a long time since Thomas has recorded one of his long walks. This one is a total of 30miles with the stop at what is now called Redhill 10 miles from home.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

2nd October 1754
Spent with our Tenant & gave his Daughr. Ribin 12d and gave him for bringing rent 12d
4 October gave Miss Tutins Ribins fairing 3/9

It seems to me unlikely that a modern bachelor would buy such frivolous things for the daughters of business contacts. Even an uncle would be likely to hand over money rather than buying a gift.

5 October Letters from Madam Mawson & Mr Byfield 8d

Thomas hasn't mentioned London friends for some years!

13 October
Went to Willoughby Waterleys in LiecesterShire 7 miles from Leicester to see my Cousin Levetts & stayed their till 18 Oct. & Cost me their and Horse Hire 18s 10d

23 October Mr Lowther was married to my Cousin Barbra Nicols of East Retford.

A search on tells me that Mr Lowther's name was William.
The Nicols were related to Thomas through his maternal grandmother.
(the Levetts mentioned on the 13th, were related to his paternal grandmother).

Monday, 1 June 2009

9 August 1754 Fryday
Judge Burchell Sett Patt Goodall at Liberty. About Rioting in the Election of Member of Parliament tho the Prebiterents was worse then they they took care that non of their side Gang was presicuted. The Grand Jury found no bill against Patt Goodall which mortified the Presbiterents greatly.

Thomas doesn't sound like a dispassionate observer of these riots, does he? Online I can find little about what happened except that a Dissenters' chapel was destroyed and, by way of retaliation, many church windows were broken and "only two men were killed." Thomas calls the Dissenters Presbyterians which is not necessarily an accurate description, but I don't think he approves of them one bit!