Monday, 8 June 2009

For nearly four pages, Thomas records the money he spends in pursuit of a court case against his sisters, Mary & Ann, spending a huge sum of money on lawyers and court fees. At the moment it doesn't make much sense to me but I will, sometime, acquire a copy of his brother John's will which is the cause of it all.

12 April 1755
a pair Dog Skin Pumps Barnett 6/6


17 June
Paid Mr John Bright Attorney at Retford for Drawing Abstracts of the Writings that belongs to me & three Sisters Estate at Pinkston alias Pinxton in Derbyshire and his attendence at Sisters Tyes for a bout two Hours £5

27 June
Paid Sisters for 5 Weeks Board £1.10s

At the same time that Thomas is fighting with his sisters for control of various properties, he is staying with them. How odd is that?
John Bright is Thomas's sister Dorothy's brother-in-law.

28 June
Left Retford and Walked from their to Nottingham and Spent at Red Hill in Eating & Drinking 2/-

It is a long time since Thomas has recorded one of his long walks. This one is a total of 30miles with the stop at what is now called Redhill 10 miles from home.

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