Wednesday, 10 June 2009

31 July 1755
Sent this Day as a present to Sister Bright a pound of Churchmans Chocolate 5/-
4yds printed Linen for her little Daughter 10/-

Here is an undated advert for Churchman's chocolate - it is a variety of drinking chocolate - a great delicacy in the eighteenth century. Many of the so-called coffee pots which survive from this time were actually for chocolate.

This piece does not have a date on it, but Walter Churchman made chocolate starting in about 1728. This business was carried on by Joseph Fry and there is more about him and the history of chocolate in England here. By 1776, a pound of Churchman's chocolate cost 7/6

Dorothy's daughter was also called Dorothy. She was about 3 years old when her uncle sent this fabric as a present. It is through her that Thomas's book has come to me.

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