Tuesday, 2 June 2009

2nd October 1754
Spent with our Tenant & gave his Daughr. Ribin 12d and gave him for bringing rent 12d
4 October gave Miss Tutins Ribins fairing 3/9

It seems to me unlikely that a modern bachelor would buy such frivolous things for the daughters of business contacts. Even an uncle would be likely to hand over money rather than buying a gift.

5 October Letters from Madam Mawson & Mr Byfield 8d

Thomas hasn't mentioned London friends for some years!

13 October
Went to Willoughby Waterleys in LiecesterShire 7 miles from Leicester to see my Cousin Levetts & stayed their till 18 Oct. & Cost me their and Horse Hire 18s 10d

23 October Mr Lowther was married to my Cousin Barbra Nicols of East Retford.

A search on www.familysearch.org tells me that Mr Lowther's name was William.
The Nicols were related to Thomas through his maternal grandmother.
(the Levetts mentioned on the 13th, were related to his paternal grandmother).

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