Tuesday, 22 June 2010

24 June 1761 Spt. at Dulwich Wells with Mr Hall 6d

The Green Man Inn was where people came to take the waters at Dulwich Wells Spa.
This was where Dulwich Common Road meets Lordship Lane today. A pub has stood on the site ever since. Currently it is part of the Harvester chain which would be a really alien idea to Thomas!

29th June Went to Mary Lebone Gardens with Mr Smith 12d

A famous pleasure garden

Sunday, 6 June 2010

23rd June 1761 Spt at White Conduit House Mr Willson 6d

This Pleasure Garden was named after a stone conduit which supplied Charter House. There is a picture of the place in 1749 and a short description from 1754 here.

It was in Islington and only disappeared in 1831. It seems that there was a pub on the site until much more recently. It's a Sushi bar right now.

There is a poem, written in 1760 about the White Conduit House quoted here. It is by William Woty (bap 1732 - died 1791) who, among other publications under at least two names, was a contributor to The New Foundling Hospital for Wit and the Shrubs of Parnassus which he published as J Copywell (a rather Dickensian surname!)

On a more personal note "Mr Willson" seems to have been a visitor from Retford.