Sunday, 6 June 2010

23rd June 1761 Spt at White Conduit House Mr Willson 6d

This Pleasure Garden was named after a stone conduit which supplied Charter House. There is a picture of the place in 1749 and a short description from 1754 here.

It was in Islington and only disappeared in 1831. It seems that there was a pub on the site until much more recently. It's a Sushi bar right now.

There is a poem, written in 1760 about the White Conduit House quoted here. It is by William Woty (bap 1732 - died 1791) who, among other publications under at least two names, was a contributor to The New Foundling Hospital for Wit and the Shrubs of Parnassus which he published as J Copywell (a rather Dickensian surname!)

On a more personal note "Mr Willson" seems to have been a visitor from Retford.

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