Monday, 10 January 2011

28th June 1762

Went to Woolidge & went on Board the Warwick Indiaman. Bout. a Silk Handkerchief 4/-
and See the Warren & all the Cannons morters Bum Shells & Cannon Balls came back through Hanging wood so to Charlton where Horne Fair is kept so to Greenwich Deptford & home spent their 12

Warwick was a Ship of course - belonging to the East India company. Read about such ships here. It would seem that the Warwick was not exactly new when Thomas went aboard on that June Monday. (Now he isn't at work, his trips out are not confined to Sundays as they were at the beginning of this blog). The ship is mentioned in the London Magazine for 1752.

The Warren is the old name for the Royal Arsenal

Hanging Wood - the remains and there is an interesting post abou it in the Greenwich Phantom's blog

The Horn Fair - this fair, suppressed in the 19th century has been revived