Wednesday, 16 February 2011

7th July 1762

went to VauxHall to see the Cheroque King and Two Chieffs it was said their was above Six Thousand pople there spt 18

Originally allied with the British against the French in North America, the Cherokee nation fought a war which they called "war against those in red coats" from 1758-61. Henry Timberlake brought 3 of the chiefs to London in 1762 to show their goodwill. They were Ostenaco (the "King"), Standing Turkey & Wood Pigeon. They dined with George III, met many important people and sat for Joshua Reynolds. Their interpreter died on the journey to England so no-one is quite sure what they said!!!

Henry Timberlake left memoirs and is much better known in the US than in UK as far as I can see from Google.