Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thomas embarks on a Slippery Slope et al.

26th April 1750
Rupert Brown's Wedding Comes out.

Did Mr Brown keep it a secret?

28th May 1750
Bout. a pound Shagg Tobacco 13d

This is the first time that Thomas records buying the evil weed!

12th June Bout. a Tea Canister Mr Pearson 9d
¼ fine Hison Tea Mr Butcher 4/-

Isn't Tea expensive? Hison or Hyson Tea is a Green Tea which definitely commands a premium even today.

10 September
My Brother was very Unhappy in some affair at Retford but don't know the truth.

(I will have a hunt through the box of family papers marked "Tye" and report back if I find anything)

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