Sunday, 19 April 2009

18 January 1750/1
Paid Mr Cripps for 2 pound Shag Tobacco 2/3

Thomas can't be very addicted as this is his first purchase since May last year.

25 February
Went to Bobers Mill with Mr Tutin spent 4d

Bobbers Mill is now an area of Nottingham. The area is named after the mill on the River Leen which is first referred to in 1438. I can only find one picture of it and that dates from 1906.

4th March
Miss Bett. Newton Bout for me at Mr Philip Sterleys 9 yds of fine Irish 2/1 - 18s 9d
6 March
She Bout me at Mr Southwells 1 yds 5/8 of fine Cambrick - 13s
I gave her money to buy them

This entry is the first mention of Elizabeth, who Thomas marries later (we'll get there in time!).

21st March the Prince of Wales Died

Frederick, who had a hostile relationship with his parents, died, to their ill-concealed relief!

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