Wednesday, 29 April 2009

16th August 1752
Went to Colwick Wakes with Mrs Cox, Miss Tutin, Miss Blocksidge & Miss Newton 2/-

It really does say "Wakes" not "Lakes". It is true that there are lakes at Colwick but they are former gravel pits and would not have been there in 1752. Wakes were often celebrations of the anniversary of the founding of a church. Their latest survival was the Wakes Weeks of Lancashire towns. These have just become holiday weeks.

3rd September is the 14th the Style being altered this day by Act of Parliament.

Parliament had acted to bring Britain into line with the rest of Europe by moving from the Julian to the Gregorian Calendar. This caused riots, mostly remembered for the slogan "Give us back our Eleven Days!" Thomas does not seem to have misunderstood Parliament's intentions in this way. Read more about this in wikipedia.

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