Friday, 17 April 2009

28th September 1750
Went to See the Grand Turk Dance on the Wire and Rope 2/-

Well, Sultan Mehmet II was not visiting Nottingham in the 18th Century and the ship used in the Hornblower TV series can't dance. That said, I think this was probably a circus-type act, possibly an exotic foreigner but just as likely someone using the character to make his act more exciting.

7th November Lord Santery married Elizabeth Shore

Henry, the 4th(and last) Lord of Santry murdered a footman in 1738, was tried by his peers and found guilty. He was later reprieved from the death sentence and given a full pardon by the king, but his estates and possessions were forfeited. His marriage to Elizabeth Shore was shortlived as he died on 18th March 1750/1.
I don't know why Thomas mentions this.

3rd December
Left that Scoundrill Richard Gibson who gave me nothing for liveing with him and I did all his Buisness & pack't up all his paresells & keept His Books from 29 of May 1744 To the 3 of December 1750 when I went he did not as much as thank me tho the agreement was he would please me for the time I would stay with him he never gave me to the value of 30 shill all the time I was with him

Oh dear! Thomas is annoyed, isn't he?

Went to Mr Tutin's the Same day & went to Mr Cripps at Ilkiston the 18 December and stay'd their till the 3 Jan gave his maid & boy 4/- Spent their & at Mr Tutin's before I went 12/8

And, in the margin:

6 December Jane Newton was married to Mr William Tayler.

Jane's parents are not the same as Elizabeth who Thomas marries.

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