Saturday, 11 April 2009

25 Aprill 1749
Paid Miss Dolley Newton for makeing 2 new Ruffled Shirts 5/-
and new Ruffling 3 old Shirts and new neck Bands and Rist Bands 3/6

Now that really is "Make do and mend"!

White Sunday Sister Dolley Tye was married to Mr Joseph Bright Surgeon at East Retford. They neither gave me an Invitation to the weding nor sent me Gloves

Thomas wrote about this near to the front of the book(out of date order). He was clearly very annoyed. Gloves were a traditional gift for wedding guests right into the nineteenth century.

28 May
I went with Mr Tutin & his Son Mr Rupert Brown to see our Tenant at Pinkston and from thence to See Lord Byerons House and Gardens and Cost me 4/9

That was Newstead Abbey. The Lord Byron in question was the Great-uncle of the poet. I rather think that Thomas didn't make himself clear about the party which went to there. I think it should read, "Mr Tutin, his son and Mr Rupert Brown" but I could be wrong and can't ask Thomas for confirmation one way or the other.

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