Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Family Matters

I feel that I should precis the family comings and goings which I have left out of the last few posts. It doesn't seem worth typing where Thomas went for supper and how much he tipped the maid but you should know that his brother, John, has been on a trip to "France", visiting Ypres, Ghent, Bruges (which Thomas calls "Bridges") Dunkirk & Calais. Also Thomas has had supper with his newly married sister & her husband so, presumably, he has forgiven them for not inviting him to the wedding. Dorothy & her husband, Joseph, live in Retford where he is the local surgeon.

Thomas has also been rent collecting again, once more saving money by borrowing John Tye's horse.

However here is a fresh departure for Thomas:-

16 October 1749
Went to Bollam to Fish & spt. their 14d

This is Bolham, not far from Retford. It is obvious today from Google maps that Bolham Lane runs alongside the River Idle even today.

29 October
Sent three pair of Green Silk Muffetees for a present. Paid Mr Colton in Turn Calf Ally for them for my sisters. 10s 6d

Muffetees are wrist warmers or fingerless gloves. I rather think that in silk they were not exactly functional!

Turn Calf Alley was in Nottingham (I've had help to establish this) - It is no longer there but was close to the bridge across the Leen (London Road)

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