Wednesday, 1 April 2009

6th April 1747
Went with Mr Rupert Brown to Southwell to see the Minster. went to Oxon & Lay at Mr Bulls all Night & walked home the Next Day 2/6

Southwell Minster would have looked pretty much like it does now, Rhenish caps and all. They were replaced in the 1880s and may be a little steeper than they were before that but the general design is medieval.

"Oxon" had me fooled until tried Google maps. When I entered "Oxon, Notts", clever old Google asked me , "do you mean Oxton?" which of course, Thomas must have done. This took 5 miles off the return journey saved Thomas the cost of an Inn overnight.

& went with Mr Tutin to see the Electrical Machine and ws Electrified and gave 12d

Yet another enigmatic post from Thomas! It wasn't a Van de Graaf generator (which, of course, needs no electrical power - can be run by winding the handle) as that was not invented. Benjamin Franklin was researching around this time but most of what we take for granted about electricity had not yet been discovered.

22 May
Went with Brother John Tye to Colwick and Mrs Chappell showed us the House and gardens and gave the maid 12d

It's Kedleston all over again! I can't show you Colwick Hall as Thomas saw it as it was rebuilt in 1776 and there don't seem to be any pictures of the old house.

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