Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Thomas is in Nottingham

Thomas didn’t tell us where Mr Richard Gibson, who he is working for, lived but the posts below make it pretty obvious he is in Nottingham.

19th July 1744
Went to Clifton Gardens Mr Dancer spt 12d
26 Spt at Blackamoors Head Mr Fox London 12d

Clifton Gardens must have been the gardens of Clifton Hall

This picture is from 1676, but the next picture shows a remodelled house which dates from rather later than 1744.
More about Clifton Hall and the family who owned it can be found here.

The Blackamoor's Head must be the forerunner of the famous Black Boy which was in the centre of Nottingham. The building that was demolished was Victorian (but still should have been left!!) and Mr Fox must be a friend from London.

EDIT JULY 09 - I've just discovered that the Blackamore's Head was quite a different place - It was in Pelham Street.

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