Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Thomas Contracts the Ague

13 September 1743
Lay at Mr Smiths and Spent their 2/9
Gave a man for Two Horses to goe with me to Gainsbrough and spent their 6s
And got to Retford a futt that night

The journey on horseback was 32miles, but, after that, Thomas walked almost 12 miles.
He must have stayed with family as he spends very small amounts of money for the 10 days he stays in Retford and doesn’t mention what he bought.

24 September
Sett Forwards to Market Rasin to see my master that I was apprentice with.
Spent at Gainsbrough 12d
Spent at Rasin from 24 sept to 30th 3/6

(he’s staying with his master.. he must be!)

and went to Caster to see his Uncle and staid till the 18th October Cost me 7/6
went from Thence to Louth and from Louth to Marsh Chappell to Mr Camplins & Received 5 pounds for Self & 3 Sisters in part of a Bond he owed he owed to my Grandmother & She left it to me & 3 Sisters 2 days & went to Alford to see Mr Bennet & staid till 24th Oct Spt 8/-
& Returned to Market Rasin 25 October and fell Ill of the Fenn Ague and was Ill at Mr Scotts till 3 November and Cost me in wine and nurse 12/-
Paid Mr Hubbert the Apothecary for Physick Blister etc, etc 16/-
Paid Mrs Byfield for washing my Linen the Time I stayed their 3/6
Gave Mr Scotts 2 maids & man 7/6
And Got to Retford 4 Nov
Spent at Gainsbrough 1/8
Had my Brothers Horse with me all the Time which cost me nothing 0.0.0

(that’s the first time Thomas has recorded spending nothing!)
Fenn Ague is malaria – Thomas has something in common with that famous diarist Samuel Pepys, who also contracted the Ague. It killed Oliver Cromwell.
More about Fenn Ague here.

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