Sunday, 8 March 2009

Thomas hears Handel.. conducted by Handel!

Thomas, unusually, does not make it obvious whether the next entry I shall post was on the 18th or the 19th of March 1742/3

Went to see the Oritorio Covent Garden 3/6

This must have been Handel's Samson. It was premiered on the 18th of February and there were 8 performances - the most ever in a first season for a Handel oratorio. Samson was much more popular in the eighteenth century than the now more famous Messiah. That was premiered on 23rd March and Thomas wasn't there.

The role of Delilah was played by Susannah Cibber, pictured below. She was the daughter of Thomas Arne and an accomplished actress as well as a singer.

21 March
Went to See Hamlett & Mr Hinton of Hull 2/6

After Samson was Garrick's Hamlet still stunning, I wonder. I'm sure Thomas means that he went to the theatre with Mr Hinton who was, presumably, a business contact.

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