Friday, 20 March 2009

27th May 1744 Took my leave of all my friends at Retford and spent at Mr Pinders 2/6
(I wonder what Mr Pinder sold) Thomas had spent a little over a month there this time.

28th May Went to Pinkston in Derbyshire and the 29th May 1744 got to Mr Richard Gibson Linen Draper at 3 oClock in the afternoon agreed with him to Live with him as a Journeyman and he would please me For the time should staye with him before Mr Thomas Wheat of Retford Mercer when he was over at Retford some Time in May 1744

Thomas has signed this.

Gave our Tenants man at Pinkston 1s & his Daughter 12d Spent their 12d 2nd July Spt St Ann’s Well 4d

I wonder why Thomas went there? Is the malaria hanging about? However, his new job is not preventing Thomas from sightseeing

9th July Went along with one at Bodsford to see the Duke of Rutlands House at Beaver and see the Church at Bodsford & Volts where the Family is Buried spt 1s6d

That must be Bottesford and is, of course, Belvoir Castle and the family Vaults!
Thomas would not have seen the same Belvoir Castle as we can visit today. It was rebuilt in the early nineteenth century. This is the only picture I can find of the earlier building
And, just to complete the picture, the remains of the Dukes of Rutland have moved as well. Thomas visited St Mary the Virgin Bottesford and there are some wonderful pictures of the church and the memorials Thomas would have seen here.

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