Wednesday, 4 March 2009

1st February 1743
Went to Drury Lane play House to See Cato & Entertainment. 2/6

Thomas has seen Cato before. The Entertainment was a generic name for the comedy which ended each evening at the theatre. If you left before it, you received a refund on your ticket.

14th February
Sent Brother a present of the Pope in Wax In Wax Work done by a fine hand at Rome. Bout of a Frend Cost 10/6

Once again, Thomas leaves me wondering. The Pope? In eighteenth century London? I have enough information to be pretty sure that the Tye family was soundly Church of England, but perhaps I am wrong? This post will, of course be edited if I discover anything more.

P.S. John Tye was Compounded as a Catholic some family papers tell me. Now I have to find out what that means (edit 2.3.2009)

And the portrait - was it bas relief or 3D? My money is on the former but there are surviving half length life-size wax portraits from the 18th century as well as smaller busts and bas reliefs such as this one of George Washington

The Pope in question ought to have been Benedict XIV who was elected in 1740

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