Friday, 27 March 2009

Thomas celebrates his Birthday, a Mystery entry & a Rebellion

21st February 1744/5
Spent My Birth Day Punch 2/9

11th March
gave to see the Seenography 12d

(the what?)

3 December 1745
Mr Gibson & all the people was very Busey in hideing all their Effects and plate for fear the Reblells should come here and take them a way. Banker Smiths family With all their Cash Left Nottingham besides Numbers of the best Familey and in particular the prespiterent Sett
4 Dec the Rebells got to Derby and Stayed their till the 6 Decem and went Back again abt 12 oClock at noon to Ashborn & so to Scotland.

You remember from your history lessons that the Young Pretender and his army marched as far south as Derby? Well, here you see the effect it had on the City of Nottingham, just 15 miles away (a day's march).

Thomas's spelling is a dodgy at the best of times but I assume he means that the Presbyterians were nervous of the Catholic Charles Edward Stuart.

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