Monday, 2 March 2009

24 October 1742
Dined with Madam Mawson and gave maid 12d
25 October
Three Doses Physick 2/- Broth 1d Veal 4d

(Do you think something disagreed with Thomas?)

31 October
Went to Camberwell with Mr Crask & spt 6d
7 November
Went to Clapham with Mr Hall and Spent 8d
8 November
Spent with Mr Hinton of Hull at Hampstead 8d

I wish I knew why they went to Camberwell & Clapham but they were both Sunday outings so perhaps it was just walking for pleasure?
The time spent with Mr Hinton was much more likely to be a business meeting as Thomas owned property in Hull.

18 November
A Loaf 4d Butter 7d Beef 12d Paresnaples 4

I don't usually record Thomas's grocery shopping as it is rather dull but he bought VEG! He hardly ever buys veg.
I'm not entirely sure about my interpretation of Thomas's spelling but he must mean parsnips, surely?

20 November
Went to See the Concious Lovers w Sceleton 2/-

The Conscious Lovers is a play Thomas has seen before as is the Skeleton. The second piece is Harlequin Skeleton, a comedy mime where Harlequin is frightened by the skeleton. There wasn't much choice of play in London at this date as only a very few theatres were allowed by law.

Roasted Veal Cook Shop 10d

I knew that many people did not have ovens so they used Cook shops - this is the first time Thomas mentions using one. Strangely, he doesn't mention buying the meat.

4 December
a Baskitt from Brother with 6 pounds Butter 2 Dryed Tonges and a Chees 7 pound gave Porter for Bringing the Baskitt 6d

That will keep the wolf from the door.

December 5
Dined with Mr Gulifent of Retford and Spent 6d
December 7
Spent Mr Gulifent at Baudy House 6d

Thomas was showing his country friend the bright lights of London?

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