Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Vanished Mansion

23rd August 1741
went with Mr Wm Crask to Edger to See the Duke of Shandose House Gardens and Chappell which is the finest House I ever See the Banesters are mahogoney in lett with mother of pearl stares marble & the windows in the Chappell all painted he has a band of musitianers Come from London to performe their Every Sunday it was 12 oClock at night before we got Home and Cost us in Expenses my part 5s 6d

The House, Canons at Edgware, was demolished in 1747, the Duke of Chandos having lost much of his previously fabulous wealth in the collapse which was the South Sea Bubble.

This chair is one of a pair from the chapel, which gives you some idea of the magnificence Thomas comments on.
The pictures from the chapel went to Great Witley Church where you can visit them and see what Thomas saw or you can click here which is easier.
I wonder what happened to the obviously wildly over the top bannisters. I can't find any reference to such an item still in existence (but Google doesn't know everything). Please let me know if you know better.

The musicians (what a splendid word Thomas uses!) were top flight performers and Handel was the resident composer for a while. The Chandos Anthems must have been in the repertoire.

Coming back to Thomas, he had another major outing on a weekday. Two in one week is unusual. The place must have been totally fascinating for the two of them to have stayed so long when it was a 20 mile round trip.

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