Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Catching up with Friends, Family & Business

Having arrived in Retford, Thomas then embarks on a round of visits. He dines each night with a different friend or member of his family. He stayed with his sister, Dorothy, and her husband Joseph Bright, who was an apothecary in Retford.

Without any idea who most of these people were, it isn't really very interesting. I may add to this post if I find out anything about them.

However, he didn't forget his friends in London

20 February 1741/2
Sent a Turkey To Mr Byard and Sent one to Miss Hodgson Which Cost 10/6
Carriage to London 2/-

He then visited his family estates at "Pinkston", returned to his sister's house and set off "a Futt" to Mansfield, thence to retrace his journey by "waggon".

This time the stops were Nottingham, Leicester, Northampton, "Hooborn" and "St Holbourn".

This, again took about a week, and Thomas must have been relieved to get off the "waggon" and return to "my Lodgeings in Charles Street, Westminster"

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