Sunday, 1 February 2009

Thomas joins the Weavers' Company

5th January 1740
4oz White Sugar Candy for a Cold 12d

10th January 1740
a bottle of wine to mix with something for a violet cough 2/6
Ingredientes put Into it 2/6

14th January 1740
Paid Mr Smart for swearing me into the Weavers Company before the Chamberlin
His Feeses came to £1.16s
Paid for the Paper he swore me by to pass the Old Office 8/-
Paid for my Freedom to be in the Wheavours Company £3.12s2d
Paid for the Coppy of my Freedom and the Clarks 10/6
Paid for the Box 1/-
Paid for Attendence 3/8

Then the Chamberlin shaked me by the hand and wish'd me joy

So Thomas did not let feeling ill stop him from making career progress. The Box may have looked like this...

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