Monday, 9 February 2009

24 June 1741
a new pair of shoes Mr Davis Deverix Court 6/-

Devereux Court today seems to be packed with lawyers but in the eighteenth century there were at least some shops - Mr Davis's shoe shop and a bookseller known as "At Ben Jonson's Head" which is shown below.

4 July 1761
Bout a French Tellemicus 2nd hand 16d

What is a Tellemicus? I've tried several spellings and the proper, complete OED and I can't find it.


  1. A friend has suggested that it was a copy of Fenelon's book Tellemachus. This was published in 1699.

  2. More about the book...

    Fénelon's Telemachus ranks with Bossuet's Politics as the most important work of political theory of the French grand siecle, influencing Montesquieu and Rousseau in its attempt to combine monarchism with republican virtues. Telling the tale of Ulysses' son Telemachus' education by his tutor Mentor (the goddess Minerva in disguise), it shows him learning the qualities of patience, courage, modesty and simplicity, needed when he succeeds as King of Ithaca. It is a commentary on the bellicosity and luxuriousness of Louis XIV.