Wednesday, 18 February 2009

15 November 1741
Spent Hanover Sugar wth Mr Hall 8d

This one took tuppence but when I checked the day on the calendar, I found that it was Sunday. I think Thomas went to Hanover Square! Thomas's spelling is never great but this one makes me think he was dyslexic.

18 November
Went to see Cato with Mock Docter 2/6

Cato, a tragedy in five acts, by Joseph Addison, was first performed at Drury Lane Theatre in 1713. It was a very political play. "The Mock Doctor" is a comic play by Henry Fielding (1707- 1754). Fielding is most famous as the author of Tom Jones. The story is from a comedy by Molière Le Médecin malgré lui . An Evening at the theatre in the eighteenth century was a long affair, starting at 6 pm and consisting of 5 acts.

3 December
Went the See the Rehearsell with Harliquin Shipwreckt 2/6

The Rehearsal is a satirical play, aimed at Dryden. Harlequin Shipwreck'd or The Elopement is a comedy, the forerunner of the modern pantomime.

9 December
Spent with Mr Byfield and Paid him for packing my Picture up in a Case to send it down to Retford to my sisters & Cost 4/-

The portrait again! If it survives, it is no doubt labelled "18th Century Young Man att. Hogarth" or something equally vague. I would so love to know what Thomas looked like.

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