Wednesday, 11 February 2009

5 July 1741
Spent Wth Mr Shaw a priest at Greenwich 14d
7 July
Supt at Mr Stows Tower Hill gave maid 12d
10 July a pound Cherrys 2d
12 July
Mr Hall went to France

(a rare entry which has nothing to do with money.. this is an account book after all)

12 Spent Mr Byfield & Miss Weeler Land of promis 12d

The Land of Promise was an
estate, consisting of marsh, with reed beds and osier hope along the foreland, belonged to Simon Lemon, a haberdasher of St Martin's-in-the-Fields. A windmill was built at the north end, beside Drunken Dock, about 1722, together with a house and granaries. It is now part of Tower Hamlets and nothing remains of anything Thomas would recognise.

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