Wednesday, 25 February 2009

March 13 1741/2
Spent at the Inn in Smithfield 1/2
Gave a porter to Carry my Box to my Lodgeings in Charles Street Westminster

(Now there's an address Thomas couldn't afford today!!!)

March 14
Bout a Loaf 3d, a Cheese 2/6 Butter 6d
March 15
3 pound Rost Veal 12d Barrill Bear 2/6

Thomas spends nothing more for 5 days so I assume he made that lot last rather than having a party.

March 28
Dined at Mr. Paynes & gave maid 12d
and Stayed to Help him in the Shop.

The accounts continue with food - meat, bread, butter and beer but no fruit or vegetables at all. March is an expensive time for them.

8 April
Bout a Candle Stick & Steel 2/6

24 April
Left my Lodgeings this day and went to Lodge in King Street Covent Garden and paid a porter for takeing my Things their. 2/-

This time Thomas tells us which King Street and here is an contemporary picture of that Street.

27th April 1742
Spent wn went to see the King Review the Soldiers on Hounsley Heath the Prince of Wales, Duke Cumberland General Wade and a great many other nobility there and they marcht of for Germany as soon as it was over about 8000 some said more spent 18p

The date fits with the sending of an army to bring Britain's support to the Austrians (well, the French were on the other side and Britain always likes to balance things). The King, George II, was the last British monarch to appear in person on a Battlefield, at the battle of Dettingen in 1743. In 1745, General Wade was an important figure in the suppression of the Jacobite rebellion

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