Sunday, 15 February 2009

10 Sept 1741
gave to Goe into Surgeons Hall to see a Woman Dececeted that was Hang 12d

Well, where do I start?

In 1540 the Barbers & Surgeons Company was allotted the bodies of four executed criminals for dissection every year. Presumably this continued until the two professions separated into two Livery Companies in 1745. The Barber-Surgeons Hall looked like this until it was bombed in WWII
I assume that Thomas saw the dissection in the Anatomy theatre designed by Inigo Jones which was completed in 1638 and survived the Great Fire of London. It was demolished in 1784 as the Barbers had no further use for it. It is difficult not to regret that demolition.

I wonder whether this display was popular or was the interest more scholarly?

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