Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Thomas Tye's family

This post will have to be updated at intervals as I do more research, but this is what I know (or think I know) at the moment.

John Tye ( - 1693) married Sarah Levet, daughter of John Levet. They had at least 8 children, 2 girls, Mary and one another, and 6 sons, Richard(1677- ), John, Joseph, Robert, Thomas & William(1681-1748).

John Tye (1679-1719) was baptised in Pinxton, Derbyshire, married Elizabeth Brown (1686-1728) daughter of John Brown. They married in Nottingham (I think).

They had 6 children - Elizabeth(1710-1726/7), Dorothy(1711-1794), John(1711/2-1751), Thomas (who wrote the account book I'm blogging), Mary(1715-abt1795) & Anne(1716-1797).

Thomas married Elizabeth Newton( - 1778), daughter of Samuel Newton at St Peter's Nottingham in 1764. She died on February 3rd 1778 and was buried 4 days later in St Peter's churchyard.

This is a post of very dry facts but I will put some flesh on these bones in time.

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