Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Rite of Passage and More Shopping

June 15 1738
Treated Mr Vear Mr Inston Mr Lowery Mr Tayler as its Costomary to do When a journeyman gose to a new Place at the Sun Tavern in Ludgate Street 10/6

This is such an enigmatic entry. Is this Thomas finally doing what is "costomary" for his move to Thomas Hinchcliffe or has he moved again?

A later entry tells us that Mr Vear traded in "Black Fryers" and Thomas spent 6d there on the 7th July.

July 14
Bout of Mr Ward Linen Draper 6 yds of fine Mufling an Ell wide £1.16s0d

Paid for 12 neck Clothes Making 2/6

I wonder whether Thomas was a dandy, so fussy about his neckcloth, that some were spoiled each day and had to be relaundered without being worn? "Mufling" must be "Muslin", almost the old ff for s? Thomas's spelling is a bit random at the best of times and I'm not sure that spelling was actually that fixed at this date. An Ell was not defined in English Law but seems to have been around 45".

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