Friday, 23 January 2009

Thomas Plays Tourist Again

1 Oct Walked to Hampton Court with Mr Hall and see all the Room's & Gardens & the Maze and lost me. Walked back the same day 3/6

Today, that's a 14 mile walk from Thomas's work in Ludgate Hill.

Ludgate Hill hasn't moved, nor has Hampton Court Palace so why "Today" in that sentence?

Google maps says the shortest walking route is over Southwark Bridge which wasn't built until the next century. Thomas probably didn't use a ferry or a waterman as he records no expenditure on that so he walked using London Bridge. That makes the journey a mile longer!
This picture of London Bridge is a little later - 1753 but the bridge was essentially the same when Thomas crossed it to go to Hampton Court.

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  1. Did you notice possibly the earliest ever example of the greengrocers' apostrophe?