Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wigs, Lodgings and Stuff

14 Feb 1738
Paid Mr Millner for Ten Weekes Lodging which is in full £1-0-0
Gave his maid for her Trouble 0-2-6
Paid Mr Adameson for shaveing me and dressing my widge 0-5-0
Paid Washerwoman for Washing and for mending my stockings 0-5-9
Letter from Brother & Grandmother 0-0-8

I’m a bit puzzled – Thomas says he is living with Mr Hinchcliffe but is paying someone else for lodgings. Does “living with” mean “working with” at this date? He would certainly seem to be an apprentice rather than an employee as his pay does not possibly pay his living costs!

“Widge” is wig (perhaps you saw that immediately but it took me a while).
Thomas probably wore a wig like this.

This portrait shows William Kirke (1715 –1773) who is about the same age as Thomas.

William’s son John Kirke (1752-1779) married Thomas Tye’s niece, Dorothy Tye Bright (1753-1826) (she was the daughter of Thomas's sister Dorothy)

And did you notice the huge cost of two letters? And Thomas had to pay it. Receiving a letter was an expensive business until Roland Hill's Penny Post in 1840.

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