Sunday, 5 July 2009

Lawyers were expensive in 1756, too!

2nd April 1756 Paid Mr Robt. Evans Attorney at Nottingham for pasing fine & Recovery Hilary Term 1756 for passing a fine and Recovery on my Late Brothers Estate Lyeing at Retford & Lands in the parish of Clarbrough all in the County of Nottingham £16.16s

Paid Agent for Signing of Deeds 6s8d

Carriage of Writings & Coach 2s 6d Deeds of Lease & Release to make a Tennant to the Precipe £1/15s6d

Paid Mr Evans before his wife Eighteen Guineas in full for the above and all Demands. Sir Thos Perkins of Bunney Bar. was high Sheariff for Nottinghamshire when the fine & Recovery was past.

Most of this is double dutch to me but "Precipe" is a variation on precept - a written order addressed to the clerk of the court requesting that a writ be issued and specifying its contents. "Bunney Bar" is not a place. Thomas means that Sir Thomas Perkins lived in Bunny, which is between Nottingham and Loughborough and that he was a Baronet!

It seems to be a while since I could find a picture to illustrate this blog so here is a picture of Sir Thomas's home, Bunny Hall

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