Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The first two are not very interesting unless you have the people mentioned in your family tree, but I'm posting them just on the off-chance that someone is searching for these events.

Monday 12th September 1757
Old Seagrave Town Clark Dyed 11 o'clock at night

Well, Thomas disagrees with the official history... according to J. Holland Walker, An itinerary of Nottingham, Transactions of the Thoroton Society, 29-35 (1925-1935), Mr Seagrave died in 1790.

I'd back Thomas as he was there and Mr Holland Walker was writing over 100 years later.

27th October
Thos Lamb was married to Miss Harborn of Northampton

Can't find anything more about that.

9 November
Bout of Mr Molton Cabinett Maker a Tikett for his Goods to be drawn by way of Lottery as he is going to London mine came up Blanck according to Costom. 19/6

Oh, dear,Thomas isn't very pleased about his lack of good fortune in this lottery. I assume that this was a clever sort of closing down sale? 19/6 is a huge amount of money for Thomas to hazard - he pays £1 per month board & lodging to put it in perspective.

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