Wednesday, 22 July 2009

8th June 1758 Went to our Tenants at Pinkston
Went to Alfreton and Dined with George Moorwood Esqr. Gave Man 12d Maid 12d

Presumably tradesmen are "Mr" and landowners "Esqr"? That's about a 3 mile walk for his meal (short for Thomas, though I haven't been mentioning his walking recently)

11th Dined at Mr Clayes at Higham gave maid 12d

That's 5 miles, assuming that Thomas is staying with his tenant, which he usually does in Pinxton. The cottage below is Elizabethan and still standing in Higham - Thomas must have seen it.

13th Supt. at John Lilliman's Esqr. at Brookwall 12d

I can't find where Brookwall is/was. Can anyone help?

Pinkston Church was new Builded and New Pewed. theirs two seats that belongs to mine and sisters Farme House one for the men and the other for ye Women one is of the Right Hand goeing in and the other is on the Left. they are the Third seats from the Chancell.

I had no idea that the sexes sat ever separately in Church of England Churches. I wonder if it was usual.

Gave our Tenants Daughter 2/6 and spent there from 2nd June to 14th June 2/6

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