Thursday, 21 May 2009

Saturday 13th April 1754
Proclaimed to Choose the members for this Town on Thursday 18th of this Aprill 20 Aprill Saturday the Poole Ended . for Lord How 980 for Sir Willoughby Aston 924 for John Plumptree Esqr. 915

1 May Lord Robert Sutton & John Thornough was chared for members for Nottinghamshire
Dined on the Occaison with Bror. Bright and Several other Gentm. from Retford.

This was a General Election. Polling was not all on the same day throughout the country or even all on one day in each constituency. The Returning Officer decided the dates.

Sir Willoughby Aston was the 5th Baronet, born about 1715, died 1772

Lord Robert Sutton was a son of the Duke of Rutland - more about him here
Here he is in his military uniform painted by Joseph Wright of Derby.

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