Wednesday, 6 May 2009

23rd August 1753
Dined at Mr Newtons on Venison gave made 12d

Thomas has never mentioned what he ate while eating out before so venison must have been a treat.

In the same month Thomas spends a lot of money on searching various court records for fines levied on his brother John, for being a Catholic I assume. It cost him nearly £5 in the one month.

1 December 1753
bout of Mr Charles Redish half of a Irish Tickett n17812 paid him for it 21/2

Ireland was not an independent country in 1753. Perhaps "Irish Ticket" is a generic term for a lottery ticket. There was a lottery in Britain in 1753, to raise funds for the founding of the British Museum.

25th December
Gave Barbers Taylers Shooemakers Xmas Box 18d
26 Gave Mr Tutins Maid for Xmas Box 5/-

That is the extent of Thomas's Christmas celebrations. He does seem to be fairly generous with his tips. He is still lodging with Mr Tutin, paying him £12 per year, in half yearly instalments. Unlike Mr Gibson, Mr Tutin is scrupulous about giving Thomas receipts.

15 Febry Bout. of Mr Barnett a pair of new Boots and allowed me for a pair of old ones not half wore out but Rather too little in Exchange I paid him 14s 6d

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