Wednesday, 20 May 2009

2nd February 1754
Bout. Mr Thos. Mettam & Paid him
2 Red & White Printed Handkerchiefs 3/10
2 Blue and White Printed Ditto 3/4
1 Silk Large Handkerchief 4/2

I think those are rather expensive for the time

23 February
Spent Mr Cripps at Gundimones 8d

Is it a place? a gambling game? I can't find anything and I've even tried the OED. The handwriting is quite clear and I can't work out any other possible spelling which makes any sense.

25 February
Sent Mr Pearce of London for two volumes Telimacus 4/-
Paradise Lost with Cutts 4/6

What did he do with the last copy of Telemachus? "Cutts" means woodcuts or other illustrations rather than censorship. I can't find any images which are old enough to possibly be from an edition which Thomas might have bought.

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