Monday, 13 February 2012

1st April 1764

The Great aClipps in the Sun it being Sunday abt. 10 oClock in the Morning we did not goe to Church till half an hour past 11 oClock

The Eclipse itself is somewhat eclipsed by a racehorse born on that day and called Eclipse

He was a singularly successful horse and 80% of all Thoroughbreds  today can trace their ancestry back to him.  The portrait is by Stubbs.

This small map was published in the February 1764 edition of the "Gentleman's Magazine". It predicts the path of the solar eclipse that happend April 1st that year as it passes across south-east England and north-west France. Three diagrams show the change in the detailed aspect of the eclipse as would be seen at Boulogne, at Orleans and at London.

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