Sunday, 12 February 2012

13th March 1764 Tuesday

Mr Williamson married Miss Pope  he 67 & she 20

(I don't think Thomas approves!)

March 19

The Bridge by the Lane was begun to be pulled down in order for a New one at the expense of the County

A book called "Old Nottingham: its streets, people & etc, by James Granger pub 1902 mentions this bridge

"In 1764-65 the old Leen Bridge was taken down, the county
magistrates having met and accepted a tender for its
demolition and re-erection, when it was expected to have
three additional arches and also to be of much greater width,
which was much needed- A Mr. Thompson, of Lichfield, is
understood to have been the contractor. Whilst this important
work was in hand advantage was taken of it to straighten the
northern end of the bridge by bringing it more eastwardly
and nearer tne centre of the open space, once called
"Bridge Foot" or "Bridge End " (now styled Plumptre-square)."

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