Friday, 15 January 2010

Drury Lane again.

26 February 1761 went to Drury Lane to see Jealous Wife. Mrs Pritchard, Garick Offley 2/-

The Jealous wife is another play by George Colman the Elder, based on the story of Tom Jones. Once again, you can read the whole play online here. Garrick Played Oakly and Mrs Pritchard was his wife, Mrs Oakly. It was a new play in 1761. The link to the text tells us not only the cast for the first production at Drury Lane but describes the costumes worn. Unfortunately, this production doesn't seem to have been recorded by any painter. The picture below shows Garrick and Hannah Pritchard playing opposite each other in an earlier play, the Suspicious Husband.

Offley? David Garrick was a pupil of Dr Johnson. One of the others was a Mr Offley. But the cast list doesn't include the name and it is quite clearly "Offley" and not "Oakley" that Thomas has written here.

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